Huntington Beach at noon on a Thursday

she was screaming
face red
eyes bloodshot
veins popping out of her neck

I fucking hate you!
every time you call me
I want to put a fucking knife in
my throat!
I just want to die!

these are the cursing’s
that filled the
Cheesecake Factory today.

all eyes were on the two women;
forks froze
waitresses stopped waiting
time stood still
but not at table 32.

the one who shouted
went to the restroom
the one who was embarrassed
paid the bill

they left

forks dove into chilled cheesecake
entered wet mouths
groans of ecstasy poured out
faster than one would think.
waitress waited again
things were normal again.

in the parking lot
two women screamed at each other
at the top of their lungs
in a 2021 Mercedes Benz.

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