Poetic Anarchy starts Sept. 7th!

What is Poetic Anarchy?

I believe that there is true art out there. True art that has been silenced by preconceived notions about what art is and what art can be.

The literati, for far too long, has perpetrated this charade that “how” you say, is better than “what” you say. This is complete bullshit.

How many of you have loved a poem because of how many syllables it had or how the meter worked? Probably none of you. But I bet some of you have fallen in love with some of those same poems because of what was said, the feeling behind the words and the impact it had on your life.

This is poetry. This is art.

Now is the time. If you have been afraid of poetry because you have been programed to not understand it, this is time for you to step up, to take control of your own thoughts and share them with a hungry world who has been starved on a steady diet of trite shit.

Poetry isn’t safe. Poetry should make you bleed. It should scare you because of things it could make you do. I believe poetry to be the gun that points, cocked and loaded, into the mouth of our backwards society.

If you believe this too, join me for a four week hardcore study of what poetry is and what kind of poet you can be.

After the course, we will have a live virtual poetry reading and some of your selections will be published in a paperback anthology book of the poets that come out of the class.

I’m doing this because I believe I can help you write the poetry that you have always wanted to write but were afraid to for so long.

So what do you get?

We will meet from 6pm to 8pm PST on Tuesdays and Thursdays for four weeks starting on Sept. 7th.

The classes will be very interactive.

You will also receive my digital chapbooks on writing and publishing, TYPE HARD, TYPE FAST, TYPE DAILY and TYPE DRUNK.

Access to the private forums on the Poetic Anarchy website, where everyone will turn in their poems and see what the rest of the class is writing.

At the end of the course, you will be invited to read your work at a virtual poetry reading.

Your work will also appear in a paperback anthology book of the poets from the class entitled POETIC ANARCHY VOLUME 2.

Remember WHAT you say is more important than HOW you say.

If this is for you, you want more information or if you just want to sign up, you can email me at ihatemattwall at gmail dot com or click this link here

See you in the course and KEEP FUCKING WRITING!

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