thoughts on a very kind acceptance letter

eating a buffalo chicken sandwich
on sourdough
with olive oil mayo
while in the shitter
taking a piss
I’m feeling good today
I just had 6 poems accepted
by The ______ Magazine

the editor described my work
as ‘like the lyrics of a Steely Dan album
or as-yet-undiscovered writing by Kerouac
full of energy and heart
and they reveal the writer that is you’

that was very kind of the editor
I never liked Steely Dan
even though I love WSB
in fact there was a long period
where I hoped that SD, Jethro Tull and Rush
would go on a world tour together
and all die in a fiery plane crash
but wishing death on artists
is one of the biggest sins
there could possibly be
so I stopped that feeling
some time back

comparing me to Kerouac
is pretty cool
and good for a blurb
one of those dust jacket things
people know Kerouac
so hearing my name along his
is good fucking company

the problem here is
I don’t really like Kerouac
I like ‘how’ he writes
I like the idea of Kerouac
but he has always seemed to me
as someone who had
nothing to fucking say!
pages of drab lines of drab
he wrote real
but had a nothing life
at least compared to me
I guess

does this mean that the editor
also feels the same way about K
and thinks that my work
is good in nature
but says nothing?

I don’t think so
I think he may like K
a little more than I do
he did say
that my work is full of
energy and heart
and that it reveals the writer
and that’s me!

so the moral here
is just take a fucking compliment
learn how to do this
if you have a hard time with it
as I do
because if I would have replied
with what you just read
I’m pretty sure The ______ Magazine
would have told me to

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