Get Back Issues of The Blood Rag for FREE!

You can get the latest issue of The Blood Rag at my etsy shop. But if you want to be a Poetic Anarchist you can download back issues below for FREE! 

Click on an issue below and in your browser click File then either ‘save as’ or ‘export as a PDF’

Make copies! Post everywhere!

Issue 1: I Am a Danger to Myself and Others by Beth Walker / The Werewolf by Jordan Parsons / Old Dicks by Bunny Wilde / poetry by Matt Wall 

Issue 2: blood is blood by Matt Wall / See You by Beth Walker / Bone Dry by Garrett Carroll / bathing in fish frames by Mike Chaos / Money Madness by lunar sunlight / Feed Me by Bunny Wilde 

Issue 3: The Man with the Mouth Harp by Beth Walker / Soul Vampire by Garrett Carroll / new ashtray by Matt Wall / See you next Tuesday by B. L. Koller / Dermatillomania by Slaidey Valheim 

Issue 4: Dripping Words  by Slaidey Valheim / The Dark Stairs by Thomas Kropp / Limits by Tim Johnston / SubCon by Nate Colton / Psychopath in Training by Mindy Semingsen / Don’t Eat The Bananas by Bunny Wilde / a perfect poem of rhyme, repetition, alteration, consonance, assonance, form etc. by Matt Wall 

Issue 5: Murder Couch by Joshua Edwards / DESTINATION AS AN UNFINISHED POEM by Keith Phillips / when people love me by Matt Wall / Tsunami by Nate Colton / Memories by Lisa Tuttle / Every Breath an Exaltation by Dimitri Reyes / Memo to a Celebrated Mediocrity by Matthew Buckley Smith / Replace by Jeff Taylor / 212 degrees by Shockie G 

Issue 6: Sonnet for My Daughters by Matthew Buckley Smith / Crescendo in a Bottle by Ethan McGuire / Dead Milk = Cheese by Allen Mahan / illuminate oblivion by Matt Wall / The pizza place right across the street from me… by Garrett Carroll / The devils hour B.L. Koller 

Issue 7: New Year’s by Ethan Mcguire / The Cause of Her Tears by Mark Renney / Manhattan nights B.L. Koller / sitting in a room with poets all talking about the poetry… by Matt Wall / Public Statement
by Matthew Buckley Smith / UFOs in Utah by Allen Mahan / America the Drawl by Garrett Carroll 

Issue 8: Land of the Fire by Rich Boucher / I am not who I thought I was by TT Conley / NOW by Matt Wall / Mirrors by B.L. Koller / 6-word flash fiction by Robert Fleming / Cologne by Shaylynn Marks

Issue 9: Melvin by Matt Wall / squirming by Shaylynn Marks / Wolverine by Ethan McGuire / TikTok, Tarot Card, Solicitation by Michael Lee Johnson / fuck me marry me by Robert Fleming / Human Cost of Doritos by Rich Boucher / writers block by B.L. Koller / rock the addled mind by TT Conley / a cold shoulder by so poetic

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