my first bout of coronavirus

I woke up feeling shit.
my nose was running
my head was pounding
I was freezing cold.

I got up & made some coffee
it didn’t help.
I felt my forehead and it was like
I moaned out.

yes, I had been the one who
goes to the shops
the gas stations
I’m still eating food
from take out places.
of course I’d be the one who
would get it.

when my wife woke up
I almost didn’t have the heart
to tell her.
three of us in a little trailer…
they both probably already
got it from me…

“babe,” I said, “I’m sorry but
I have the coronavirus. I’m

she came closer to me.

“no, babe! don’t get close!
I don’t want you to get it
if you haven’t already!”

she looked at me with concern
grabbed the thermometer
stuck it in my chattering mouth.
I would’ve asked her to put it
in my ass, but she was fast.
it beeped.
she looked at it and rolled her eyes.

“what?” I asked.

“94.6. you don’t have a fever.”

“but I got the shakes, baby.
I’m cold as ice! forehead burning!”

“you idiot! you’re in nothing but
your short shorts and it’s less than
50 degrees in here! put some

I did.
I began to feel better,
she was right.
but, I felt like a fool

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  1. We get married because there is value in being humble.

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