come to me

come to me
the deformed, the amputated, the crippled,
you have lived.

come to me
the ugly, scarred and maimed,
self inflicted or not,
you know pain.

come to me
the fat, the old, the betrayed,
you have seen it.

come to me
the broken, the destroyed, the discarded,
you have been abandoned.

I am not claiming to be anything
or anyone
especially not any one important.
I am just someone who is lonely
in a sea of massive death,
prestine, pompous, soulless corpses.
I am tired and alone.
trite words come out of many mouths
and I long for real humans.

stay away
you people that have felt no
you people that smile.
you people that pretend to live.
you people that pretend that
you are not slaves.

you do not know life.
you have never known anguish.
pain is the only thing
that we can feel
to let us know that we are truly

without it
you are dead,
no matter what mask
the corpse wears in public.

help make it happen for THE END OF EVERYTHING!

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